Nov 22, 2023
10:00 PM - 4:00 AM
260 Meserole St, Brooklyn New York, USA


Nov 22, 2023

    Wednesday, November 24, 2021 10:00 PM
    Thursday, November 25, 2021 4:00 AM

    3 Dollar Bill 260 Meserole Street Brooklyn, NY, 11206 United States

Flashback is a night I wanted to do to pay homage and show the seeds of our music today. It’s an all night set by yours truly and we’ve been doing this night over 23 years ! It started over at Vinyl during my residency there and was a night I always did on Thanksgiving Eve in November in New York City.

The musical trip takes you from the early days of my club schooling (where I frequented over a dozen clubs in NYC got my lessons from great NYC djs  to the neighborhood jams and events I played ), sound from The Loft with David Mancuso (through my sisters eyes and ears) to the Paradise Garage with Larry Levan to Zanzibar with Tony Humphries to Park Circle & The Roxy (Rollerskating) to the Funhouse with Jellybean to Better Days with Bruce Forest to One’s to The Lovelight with David Morales & Kenny Carpentar to Studio 54 with Timmy Regisford to the Sound Factory Bar at the Underground Network Parties which I was resident Dj to the House Nation parties I guest djd at and to all the clubs I played in New York City in the mid 80s and more !!

The music - Disco, Boogie, Funk & Soul, Nu Wave, mid 80s to 90s House, MAW Classics, Larry Classics, Moulton Classics, Gamble & Huff, Vince Montana Jr., early 80s electro, Italo Disco, Jazzfunk UK, Afrobeat ala Fela Kuti and more.

Enjoy this first picture with many Easter eggs and absorb some of my musical experiences with lots of friends over the years. RIP to those not here anymore 🙏🏽. See you in a few weeks for this very special night! The get down on this 6 hour journey with me is on Wednesday Thanksgiving Eve November 22, 2023. Tickets available at the links below !!!