Jul 19, 2024
11:00 PM - 6:00 AM
3 Overhoeksplein, Amsterdam-Noord Noord-Holland, Netherlands


Jul 19, 2024

Join us on a daring escapade like never before in the first edition of ANIMO. Ready to join us on a musical odyssey? Strap in, because we’ve got a lineup that’s sure to make your heart race!

Louie Vega: Grammy winner and 6 time nominee, with a career spinning for over two decades. Louie Vega is a mega force in the house music industry with no signs of slowing down. A leader in the global dance music scene, Louie Vega has painted an award-winning career from a palette mixed with everything from house, salsa and afrobeat; to jazz, hip-hop, gospel and soul.

Tonno Disko: Tonno Disko might be the happiest dj in the Dutch scene. Known for his energetic and versatile dj sets that include disco, funk, old school hip hop, house and breakbeats. With his charismatic personality and his open character, he knows how to make an impression on the crowd and how to give them an unforgettable night.

Cody Currie: Cody Currie is a producer from London, who has made a lasting impression with diverse and dynamic output under his own name broadly within the house genre - he has tended to gravitate towards the 'deep' and disco-influenced side of the sound, utilizing novel sampling methods and nostalgic synths and drums.